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Lampwork Beads

Lampwork (handmade glass beads) beaded jewelry is one of the most popular fashion accessories today.

Take a few minutes and look over my selection of Lampwork Beads, I'm sure you'll find something that sparkles for you.

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Lampwork Beads

Welcome to the Bead Lady web site!

This site was designed for the purpose of sharing with you my passion for beaded purses. Within our web pages you will find many handmade purses in different styles and designs. As an avid antique purse collector of over 28 years, my passion for beaded purses has been evident through the years spent searching antique shops and shows looking for beaded gems! The techniques involved in creating the purses of yesteryear have always been a fascination.

First, we would invite you to visit the purse gallery. All of the purses you see are my own designs and the patterns are for sale. Some designs were inspired by antique purses in my collection and for others the inspiration came from fellow beaded purse enthusiasts. If you are interested in making any of my designs, the pattern page is where you will find patterns available for sale. Also on this page you will find free introductory patterns to encourage you to try this amazing craft!

Experience in basic knitting is all that is required to try making these purses. Patterns include instructions on transferring beads to cotton, attaching purse frames, and lining larger bags.

We hope you enjoy our purse gallery and that it inspires you to start making your own beaded purses. We look forward to hearing from you and welcome you to come back often to view new additions and find inspiration! If you have, any questions or comments please feel free to contact us via email.

Lampwork Beads

Lampworking is a type of glasswork that uses a torch to melt rods of glass and manipulates it by use of tools and gravity. Although the art form has been practiced since ancient times, it became widely practiced in Murano, Italy in the 14th century. Early lampworking was done in the flame of an oil lamp, with the artist blowing air into the flame through a pipe - thus the name-lampwork!

Lampwork beads are one of the most popular jewelry and accessory items today. Each bead is handmade, one by one, therefore no two beads are the same and each has its own individual characteristics. You can purchase individual beads or sets of beads to turn out stunning jewelry pieces or you can special order colors and styles to suite your requirements.

My Lampwork Beads